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Brandon Boudreau

Funny, kind, gorgeous; all things any person with half a brain would not use to describe Brandon Boudreau. However, if you like overused puns, semi-attractive people, and someone who is constantly roasting you, he's your guy. His insanely diverse skill set includes: eating, sleeping, breathing, and being kind of smart. He decided to take journalism because he enjoys writing, obviously. And he thinks he's kind of good at it, but you can be the judge of that. Going into his sophomore year at CCC, he made the varsity football roster and looks forward to a great season with his friends. He also enjoys the little things, such as: running through the 7, with his woes (you know how that should go). He's an excellent dancer; you can often find him practicing such dances as the "whip" in the halls or maybe in your class. With insane vocal talent, people often confuse someone singing in the hall with popular artist, "The Weeknd." A large part of his character, his overly large head (both literally and figuratively) is a constant crowd pleaser if you're looking for an easy roast. Along with being Vice President of the sophomore class, he is a proud marauder and excited to be apart of the journalism team.

Brandon Boudreau, Editor

Mar 06, 2017
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