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Andrea Medina

Andrea Medina is a sophomore that can get a little sassy if provoked. Beware. You can classify her as a girly geek. She can tell you every detail of the shows Doctor Who, BBC's Sherlock (NOT the American one), Last Ship, Once Upon a Time, The Whispers, and Gilmore Girls. Her favorite color is TARDIS blue. Fun Fact: she's gone to a Comic Con. It was maybe the best day of her life. Even though she enjoys watching so many shows, she still has time to perform well in school. She also just so happens to be the leader of her class. Yes, she is the sophomore class President. You need to be confident and considerate to everyone to be good at this job, and that's exactly what she is. She stands tall at 5'3, a little bit shy around people she doesn't know. Believe it or not, this wonderful lady was born in Mexico. Yes she can speak Spanish. She moved to the United States as a very small child, that is why she may not "look or sound Mexican." Some of the things she enjoys doing is binge watching Netflix, drawing, and eating candy. She wanted to be in this class to become a better writer. No one knows what she will write about next.

Andrea Medina, Staff Writer

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