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Amanda Restaino
Hello, Clearwater Central Catholic! This is senior, Amanda Restaino, coming to you live from Mr. Lauby's jumbled Journalism 1, 2 Honors, and 3 Honors class. I am in this class because I love spending two class periods everyday with Mr. Lauby because he is quite awesome. Oh, I enjoy writing, too. Writing is exciting. It is this fantastic form of expressing your true personality and being, which, trust me, I have plenty to share. Because of this love for self-expression and writing, I have decided to take it to college, hopefully Auburn because, you know, War Eagle! With writing, you tend to come up with your own philosophy as you talk about so many different topics. Mine is, "Let your creativity run free, so you can find strength within thee." This philosophy can relate to the life of Marauder. We are smart, powerful, innovative, and, most of all, fun and exciting to be around because of our pre-game tailgates, obviously, and ability to stand together. Who wouldn't want to write about these kinds of people? Not me! I like writing about you all. I like spreading the word about how awesome CCC is. Journalism is important because of this: bragging rights. I'm only partially kidding because I love to brag about CCC, even if it is just to CCC. Because of this, I vote our newspaper's mission should be, "Write about people who deserve to be known, even if they do not know it, yet." This concludes my biography, so in the wise words of Amanda Bynes, "Now, bring out the dancing lobsters!"

Amanda Restaino, Editor

Feb 15, 2017
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