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Alexa Ignacio

Hello there people of the internet, you have (accidentally?) stumbled across the bio of a high school journalist who now, as a senior, has begun to wonder why she stayed with the class for the past three years, but hey, that's probably just a symptom of finally donning the striped Oxfords and realizing that college is just around the corner. Anyway, she wishes to not bore you with a boring bio, so she just listed some random stuff about herself that she may not normally to a random stranger.

Our journalist has a sock obsession. She also owns more than 20 kinds of hats. She still plays with her Legos occasionally...come on, who doesn't? She thinks owls would make the best pets and wants one. She may seem quiet at first, but throw a controller into her hands, start up a game and once she gets really into it, you will see that she can get pretty, pretty, um, "vocal". She collects airline luggage tags. She always keeps a cantaloupe in her room because it's her favorite fruit. She thinks aliens are real. She's scared of some...most plants.

Maybe that was a little much, but she thinks openness is one of her strongest qualities. It's important to be able to speak yourself, and maybe that's why she's stayed with journalism class this long; she has the opportunity to do it here.

Oh, one last thing - her name is Alexa Ignacio, and she is super excited for her last year on the journ crew.

Alexa Ignacio, Editor in Chief

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