Freshman girl plays JV football

Andy Maher

Andy Maher, Photo Editor

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   Blood, sweat and hits so brutal you can almost hear bones snapping; not exactly female territory… until now that is.   Freshman Hallie Hopkins is changing up the Marauder’s game plan this year, joining the JV football team.

   It’s a gloomy day at CCC as Hopkins walks quickly from cover to cover dodging the rain with a finesse lacking in most.   Maybe it’s the fact that she’s a freshman, or maybe its just genuine surprise, but when stopped to talk, Hopkins’s face lights up and almost asks the question of “why would anyone want to interview me,” for her.   To Hopkins, football is just a passion, nothing weird about it.

   As receiver for CCC, this is Hopkins’s first year of playing organized football.   However, while this may only be her first year of playing football her love of the game goes back to childhood and finally getting to play is like a dream come true.   Equally as thrilled are her parents but they do worry about her safety.   Who could blame them?

   Hopkins’s parents aren’t the only ones with apprehension; Coach John Davis is worried too, but for less than obvious reasons.

   My biggest concern is the type of language the boys use around her,” Coach Davis said.

   Contrary to what one might believe, she gets along with the boys famously.

   “They’re just a nice group of guys,” Hopkins said faintly smiling.

   While news of a female football player shocks most CCC students, it’s not as groundbreaking as one might think.  CCC has had two female football players in the past. Although having a female football player may not be a new experience to CCC, it certainly is to Coach Davis.   Coach Davis looks forward to facing the challenges and reaping the benefits of having a female on his team this year and much like the rest of CCC, is anxious to see how Hopkins performs on game day.

   Whether she realizes it or not, I’m guessing not, Hopkins is CCC’s most up to date face of equality, like a Rosa Parks in pads.   When asked if she gets any special treatment because she’s a girl, she pauses, flips her chocolate brown hair out of her eyes, flashes a grin and says, “I don’t see why I would, I put in the same hard work as everybody else.”

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