Boing! provides alternative workout and entertainment

Sarah Milne

Sarah Milne, News/Opinion Editor

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When entering Boing! Jump Center, a trampoline park located in Tampa, one becomes engulfed in a scent similar to that of a herd of post-recess kindergarteners.

            After venturing further into the building, one discovers soft 80s music is barely audible beyond the high-pitched screeches originating from a mass of young children. If not paying close attention to their sharp bursts of energy, one might accidently trample them.

            After purchasing a one-hour jumping period for $12, bouncers are required to strap on head gear and high-top shoes to prevent bouncers from head and ankle injuries. This recycled equipment, still damp from the sweat of the previous user, may feel and smell revolting, but the giant trampoline arenas looming over the cashier counters are just too taunting to walk away from.

            Walking into the arena, two things are immediately prominent. Firstly, the amount of sporadic children running, jumping and screaming are, quite frankly, scary, and more importantly, the walls themselves are trampolines. Airborne jumpers everywhere appear ecstatic. Their faces hint at a trance of pure joy as they perform stunts, run up the walls or simply spring without purpose.

            After about 30 minutes of bouncing, I had acquired a bad case of helmet hair, a sheen of sweat on my face and a painful blister on my ankle from the required high-top shoes. Regardless, it was a blast.

            “It was awesome! I loved how you could like bounce of the walls and do different flips,” senior Caleigh Bean said.

            Jumping for an hour at Boing! Jump Center is an incredible workout, but if bouncers feel rested enough to enter the arenas for longer, they can purchase additional hours for $9 each. Concessions, such as hot dogs or chips, are also available to jumpers for purchase.

            For those seeking professional trampoline workouts, Boing! Jump Center offers Boing!Robics, an aerobic class guaranteeing participants burn at least 1000 calories in one session. Birthday parties are also offered, but cost up t

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