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Football Classic proves CCC victorious

Andy Maher

Matthew Livingston, Sports Editor

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   Marauder football team defeated the Palm Harbor University High School Hurricanes football team 20-7 in the opening preseason game.

   The first points scored were by senior Blake Myregaard. After an interception by senior Daniel Higinbotham, Myregaard kicked a 21 yard field goal which put the Marauders up by three points on their opening drive.

   Later, junior running back Justin Goodloe scored the first touchdown of the game. He brought the Marauders to a ten point lead.

   On the first drive of the second half, sophomore running back Michael Stevenson broke two tackles and completed a 30 yard touchdown run. Stevenson put the Marauders up by 17 points.

   Myregaard scored another field goal and put the Marauders up by 20 points.

   During the final quarter, the Hurricanes scored their first and only touchdown against the JV defense.  Going into the game, the Marauder defense was worried about the Hurricanes quarterback Billy Pavlock. “Our defense really stepped up against one of the top quarterbacks in the county,” senior Spencer Elmore said. Elmore had a 15 yard sack in the opening play of the game.

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Football Classic proves CCC victorious