Feminism: social outlet or pressing issue?

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Chances are, if you haven’t been living under a rock, you’re familiar with the ongoing movement of Feminism. Although Emma Watson and Beyonce just recently pledged their allegiance to the cause, the movement has been long in the making. The mainstream that Feminism has turned into today is still relatively true to the roots that initial instigators imagined; however, the concept has taken a bit of a turn since Susan B. Anthony’s time.

What we believe Feminism stands for today is not so much the façade that many melodramatic teens have altered it into. Outward cries from privileged young girls of “double-standard” school dress codes and one-sided concerns of weight have brought rise to social media “Meninists,” or those mocking what the movement has come to. Yet that is not even close to what the campaign truly is. Instead, it’s based on the lack of equal education in third world countries, women’s pay inequality across the globe and so many other injustices—all of which are issues that no man could possibly find room to kid about.

So how do we separate what the movement actually is from what modern society has morphed it into? Quite simply by distinguishing between what issues truly matter and which are trivial. We’re sorry, but for those of you campaigning to “free the shoulder” you’re completely forgetting that there are life-threatening issues facing women that need our utmost attention. The movement was founded on achieving equal treatment between men and women. That means completely eliminating the pay gap between opposite genders, abolishing subservient marriages, and allowing women to show just as much of their face as men.

Granted, there are fundamental differences between men and women, and regardless of the efforts put forth, these stereotypes that have been thousands of years in the making cannot be completely eradicated. However, this isn’t really the goal of the campaign, anyways. Instead of focusing on eliminating the fine line between two genders, our aim should be on disallowing one gender to overshadow another. So go tweet about that kids, instead of your inability to show your shoulders at school.

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