Point: Clearwater Beach becoming too commercialized

Brooke McMullen, Staff Writer

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Take a blast back to the past, back to when Clearwater beach did not have the round -a-bout, beach walk, or commercialized stores all over, back to when it was simple and stores not filled with junk that no one needs. Junior Alyssa Zak stated, “ It really feels so strange now to see everything changing.”

Many native locals that have lived on Clearwater Beach or close to it have been watching the new replace the old. Just like the iconic 1932, Clearwater Beach Hotel is now the location of the high end Sand Pearl Beach Resort.

Tourists seem to love the so called “new.” Yet is Clearwater Beach leaving all the past memories behind to be more like Panama Beach and Key West? Everything is slowly fading into bars, hotel, restaurants, and chained- stores, such as Ron Jons. Commercialism is effecting the beach greatly.

Mandalay Surf Company is closing its doors after thirty-five years to be remodeled into a brewery right next to Brown Boxer, another bar!

Many born citizens of Clearwater Beach are claiming they feel as if their childhoods is now completely lost since Mandalay will be closing their doors after the big sale to get rid of all their stuff. Also citizens do not like how the beach has become quote on quote “lame.”

As years keep passing by, will all of Clearwater Beach change just to impress the tourists? It could be a good economic gain for the state, but all the history will disappear.

Traffic is already horrible as it is. “I absolutely just completely despise sitting in my car bumper to bumper on the Memorial bridge during the spring and summer season for thirty minutes up to an hour just to get home,” senior Conner Hourigan says.

Clearwater Beach is turning into a major attraction for tourists from all over the globe, when locals are watching their beloved buildings be torned down piece by piece. “ I love Clearwater Beach and all, but like I don’t want to deal with all the clueless people visiting or parking in general anymore, so I just try to go to IRB or Dunedin Causeway,” senior Nicole Melendy says.

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