Point-Counterpoint: Texting and driving laws will not make the road any more safe

Ky Shaw, Staff Writer

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Texting and driving, everyone is told by adults it is dangerous, deadly, catastrophic.

Texting and driving often comes under fire from critics claiming it is causing more accidents and injuries on the road ways than ever before. It has been fought against for years claiming that 100% focus will prevent less accidents.

Laws against texting and driving are not the answer.  I, myself, am from Atlanta, Georgia.  Up in the peach state texting and driving is an illegal offense.  With that being said, motorists consistently continue to text and drive.

Dodging the law, in essence, prevents it from being effective.  Driving while texting is considered a distraction.  Attempting to hide this however can be far more fatal.

Those who text and drive are often aware that they are driving.  When someone spots a police officer and they attempt to hide there phone, they remove their eyes from the road.  This, in turn, causes the chances of an accident to rise substantially.

New arguments are presented daily against texting and driving.  Other distractions such as eating, drinking, police checking license plates, putting on make up, changing the radio or any other activity that removes a motorists attention from the road are often ignored.  Where then do law makers draw the line?  It is okay for someone to perform any action listen above that has the same effects, but if they text, oh no.  Give them a fine.

The true motive of the law is revenue.  Police departments have not made enough off speed traps, relight cameras and tax payer dollars.  A law that provides a vague image of an offense is exactly what they need.

How will officers prove they saw you texting?  How can they be sure you were not changing the station or adjusting your mirrors?  Without any concrete definition it gives officers the ability to cite people for crimes they quite possibly did not commit.

Texting and driving laws are ineffective at making the road safer.  They are however, effective at generating an outlet of revenue for police departments across the SunshineState.

A law against texting and driving will not prevent accidents.

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