W.W.J.D.?:When trouble comes knocking, punishment quickly follows…

Jen Davis, Entertainment Editor

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 Something happened to me recently- something scary, enraging and all around not fun to experience; something I never thought I would have to go through: detention.

 It happened one day about a month ago when I was in class with one of the nicest teachers in the world, and my phone kept buzzing. Set on vibrate, it sounded like a swarm of killer bees whose nest had just been struck off a branch by Alex Rodriguez.

 Throughout the class, I kept trying to nonchalantly glance down and silence my phone but to no avail. When I finally took my phone out of my pocket to change the setting to silent, my teacher saw me, phone in my hand, and handed me a detention slip.

 The funny thing is I was not mad at all. After all, it was my fault, and she was just trying to do her job. Mostly, I was ashamed for disappointing my teacher, and isn’t that just the worst thing?

 Long story short, I served my thirty minute detention, and after half an hour of unequivocal disgrace, it was over. In the grand scheme of life, one half hour spent in detention is not a big deal at all, and it was honestly not that bad.

 The culminating clash of emotions made me think that it was going to be worse than it was. That does not mean I am going to be lax and put myself in situations where the only possible result is a detention, but I am not going to cry over getting one, either.

 Sometimes you just have to take your punishment with dignity, humility and a shred of grace. Sometimes, we get what we deserve, and we have to pay the consequences.

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