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Generations Day

Andrea Medina, Editor-in-chief

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After two years of hiatus, Generations Day came back as one of the dress-up days during Homecoming week. The day where the freshmen could dress up as babies, the sophomores as tweens, the juniors as professional workers, and the seniors as senior citizens was a much loved day during homecoming week in the past, and it was all possible thanks to the help of the Executive council and Mrs. Knoop. 
There was no shortage of pictures taken as a result of that day. Some students simply liked it for the fun pictures they could take. “I liked it because It was awesome to dress up with all my friends and come together as a group and take an awesome picture,” said junior Daniella McGinn. 
Even the freshman loved this day, even though they had never experienced it before. “Dressing up as babies for Generations Day was very fun. Seeing the other classes especially the seniors, go all out on Generations day, was extremely cool. CCC definitely has a lot of spirit and it shows during homecoming week,” said freshman Isabella Gonzalez. 
Other students appreciated that they got to start and end their high school experience with this day during homecoming week. “I thought it was nice that we got to dress up for Generations Day freshman year and senior year, even if we didn’t get to do it the two other years,” said senior Jaeger Trafton. 
Generations Day was a time of fun that many students enjoyed. Hopefully, with the great reception it has this year, it can once again become a tradition during homecoming week. 
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Generations Day