Famed gymnastics coach has now been disgraced

Jana Ignacio, Contributing Writer

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It’s the biggest stage in the world. People from all over the are watching you do what you can do best. Some are praying for your victory and some are praying for your failure. But it doesn’t matter. Because there you are, at the Olympics, doing the thing you love most, something that you’ve dreamed of since you first touched that ball, got on that balance beam, or dived off that board. Your dream has become your reality, but at what price does it come at?
Larry Nassar, famed USA gymnastics national team doctor and osteopathic physician at Michigan State University has been accused and convicted of being a serial child molester. In the past few months, 150+ gymnasts have come out to accuse Nassar of sexual assault. These accusations have led Nassar to be sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison, something that many people have a lot to say about.
“Larry Nassar is a disgrace in the world, a scumbag whose credentials should be ripped away from,” said Esteban Restrepo ’19.
When asked if any pity should be given to Nassar, or if any people should defend him at all, Margaret Parker loudly said “NO. No pity should be given to him, and he deserves a pity sentence and more.”
The whole Nassar situation is seen by everyone as disgusting, disturbing, and something which should have never happened. Though, to one person, the situation hits close to home.
“I was a competitive gymnast for a long part of my life, and I actually got to meet him. He seemed nice, and I even got to shake his hand. It just freaks me out though, because everyone knows the national team and the leaders of them. You always put them high on a pedestal, and now that all of this has come to light is just shocking” said Daly Santana ’18.
This Nassar problem has caused a major problem and it has even caused a bad light to be shown on the whole gymnastics institute. The good thing though is that the issue has finally come out to the public, just as it should have been. Although, it’s taken a bit for it to finally be known, it’s a good thing that it finally has.
This terrible situation, albeit how horrific it is, has had one good outcome. It has led to more people to become emboldened to speak their minds and defend themselves, which is the exact thing the world needs right now.
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