College Anticipation

Jana Ignacio, Contributing Writer

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In just a few short months, the class of 2018 will be leaving the comfort of the halls of CCC and moving on to bigger and better places, from UCF to UF to Duke to Georgetown and to many more. It’s a time of nervousness and melancholy, but for the most part, a lot of excitement.
In the upcoming months, as they anticipate the big transition from high school seniors, big fish in a little pond, to college freshmen, little fish in a big pond, the seniors will have to prepare for all the changes that will be occurring in their lives. No more getting to wake up in the peace and comfort of the bedroom you’ve had all your life, no more daily homemade meals by your mom, no more speeding down Haines Bayshore Road because the bell is about to ring, and countless more “no more’s” will soon become a reality.
For some, the aspect of change is exciting and it’s what makes the whole idea of college so great. “I’m looking forward to beginning this new chapter of my life. Of course, it will all be new and scary at first, but everything always is; that’s what’s so exciting. The only hard part of it all is distinguishing my feelings towards leaving my present life, family, and friends, and what’s to come.” said Mark Kantzler ’18.
For others, the transition has already been difficult. “Making constant decisions has been hard to do, and they seem to be never-ending. I’ll be glad when it’s all over with” said Taylor Mendelsohn ’18.
Though, all in all, when asked to describe how it felt knowing that college was just around the corner, many seniors such as Brooke Stamey and Sophia Roldan, viewed the whole experience as “bittersweet.”
The seniors’ move from high school to college marks an end to a long four-year journey, but it also signifies the chance to forge new beginnings and to start anew. Though the anticipation is high and the nerves may be grueling, we can only hope that in each of their new colleges, the seniors will be able to exemplify the traits that they have so exceptionally shown here for the past four years at CCC.
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