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Electives for 2017-2019, Both New and Old

Jacob Stein, Editor

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The number of electives you can take at CCC has been steadily increasing for the past few years.

Classes like Painting 1 and IB Business were added for the 2016-17 school year, and administrators are hopeful that more classes will be added. “We are exploring the possibility of adding Ceramics 2, Chinese 1 and Computer Programming. We are in the exploration stage at this point, depending on students’ requests,” said Mr. Garza, Assistant Principal. “These classes would be offered to juniors and seniors, with the exception of Chinese 1, which underclassmen can request.”

The ability to take an optional course depends on the amount of requests that students submit to take the class. If a class doesn’t receive enough requests, then it is shelved.

“Sometimes the new courses have replaced the courses with low demand. However, the courses with low demand still appear on the list of electives,” said Mr. Garza. Classical Literature, for example, was on the list of electives for the 2016-17 school year, but it didn’t have enough requests to open the class.

Some of these electives have been offered previously; however, they were to be taken online through Florida Virtual School. However, not many students have chosen to take these classes, according to Mr. Garza.

Enrichment courses are not always during the regular school day. Courses like Weightlifting (a new course) are before school, and some courses are after school, like Musical Theatre. New courses could be added at these times in addition to the 7 required credits per year.

Some electives may be moved after school. Students often have a hard time accommodating for optional courses in their schedules, especially if they are the IB program. Moving classes to after school takes care of scheduling conflicts.

Sadly, some electives may not make the cut next year. “Creative Writing is currently under review, as it is no longer considered an English course for college submissions”, said Mr. Garza. “We are still considering some English electives alternatives for 2017-19 that could help students to be better prepared for their college and careers.”

The ability to take an elective depends on the amount of requests that students submit to take the class. If a class doesn’t receive enough requests, then it is shelved. In addition to this, if there isn’t a qualified teacher or a qualified teacher doesn’t have room in their schedules to teach an elective, the class is also shelved.

However, nothing is for certain. Students will request their electives of preference and the administration will review the possibility of running those courses for the 2017-18 school year.

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Electives for 2017-2019, Both New and Old