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Executive Council election brings new pool of candidates

The new executive council discusses plans for the upcoming year.

The new executive council discusses plans for the upcoming year.

The new executive council discusses plans for the upcoming year.

Ryan Cullinane, Editor in Chief

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The process for electing the executive council for the 2017-2018 school year has started, with nine people running for a spot on the most influential council for all student activities.

The following rising seniors are running for these positions: for president, Brandon Boudreau, Matthew Schmeiser and Ellie Simmons; for vice president, Mark Kantzler and Kevon Musgrove; for corresponding secretary, Daly Santana; for recording secretary, Sophie Kloppel and Max Rizzo; and for treasurer Ryan Jewell.

This tops the six that ran last year, with only one position with more than one person running. Current vice president, senior Roberto Annoni, said that the competition for these spots are good for the student body. “If we have more people running, then the students have to elect who they think will do the best job at what they are running for. With this type of competition, it will bring out the best in the people running and hopefully deliver to the students what they wanted to see,” said Annoni.

Boudreau is really excited to be running for executive council president for the upcoming school year. “Being on exec is something I’ve wanted to do since I was a freshman. I remember seeing Danny Valladares and the rest of the council on stage for the first assembly my freshman year. Over the years, after trying student council sophomore and junior year, I knew I wanted to be a leader of a bigger setting and really represent all the students at this school to make not only my senior year great, but make the other students have the most memorable school year during their time at CCC,” said Boudreau.

The enthusiasm of the students who want to run will bring the best possible outcome for all the students. If more people run and want to lead the student body, the more changes and activities will come. Executive council requires a lot from the elected students, but if those who are a part of it are passionate about what they’re doing, it shows. The competition between more students helps fuel that fire.

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Executive Council election brings new pool of candidates