Fernandez’s death shocks nation

Brandon Boudreau, Editor

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Jose Fernandez, the face of the franchise for the Miami Marlins and one of the MLB’s most talented pitchers, was found dead early Sunday morning after being involved in a horrific boat crash.

The death affected many people, from baseball fans worldwide to the Cuban people who saw Jose as an inspiration. Jose Fernandez came to America when he was fifteen years old. He was born in Cuba, and had a passion for baseball. When he was fifteen, he was finally granted the opportunity to come to school in Florida after many failed attempts. He attended Alonso High School and was a star pitcher. Eventually, he was also able to get his mother and grandmother out of Cuba, too.

He began pitching for the Marlins in 2013, and boasted one of the best home records in MLB history, also winning NL Rookie of the Year. In 2014 he suffered an injury that required Tommy John surgery, one of the most serious surgeries a pitcher can have.

Jose Fernandez was the face of the Marlins franchise, and due to the rotation, he often pitched on Sunday’s, which became known as “Jose Day.” He was scheduled to pitch on Sunday, Sep. 25 but was pushed back to Monday. Little did the world know that he would never get to pitch another game.

The news broke early Sunday morning, around 9 am that the ace had been involved in a fatal boating accident. “He was on top of the game,” said Mr. Toro, facilities director. “He went through so many hardships, and the news was awful.”

From a student perspective, senior Alex Purnoske shared his reactions from when he saw the news early Sunday morning. “I’ve been watching him for a while, he was a really phenomenal pitcher,” said Purnoske. Fernandez also recently announced that his wife was pregnant, which added to the heart-breaking story of his death. “I’m so sorry for his child, who will grow up without his father now,” said Purnoske.

Mrs. Weber, the mother of Braves’ pitcher and CCC alumnus Ryan Weber, had an interesting perspective on the situation. “I got the text from Ryan that morning that the game was canceled, they were in Miami and scheduled to play the Marlins that day,” said Mrs. Weber. “Being that my son was able to play on the same field as him, it was a heart-wrenching feeling. He was so young.”

Jose Fernandez left an incredible impact on baseball in the short time he was able to play. He is an inspiration to the Cuban people and baseball fans everywhere. He will forever be remembered as more than a player. There will forever be a space on the roster left open for number 16.

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