Booster club kicks into action

Advancement office

Kaylie Eichholt, Editor-in-Chief

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     After being on leave for approximately ten years, CCC’s booster club, entitled The Marauder Athletic Booster Club, is making a comeback.

      Thanks to parents Corrine Steinhardt, Paul Kelley, Garry Stine and Theo Karaphillis, the club is up and running. The last CCC Booster Club was in approximately 2000 and was formerly named the Dad’s Club.

     The point of the Booster Club is to be able to supply the sports program with whatever is needed.  Parents raise money in various ways, including fundraising by selling ESPN magazines and selling concessions after school.  Parents of students also gave fifty dollars as a part of the book sale.    

     The money raised goes to whatever sport needs something.  So far, video-editing software, video cameras, field equipment for football and new volleyballs for volleyball were purchased.

     “I think it’s a great idea and should enhance our athletic program,” Athletic Director Keith Galley said.

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