Water Hobbies

Elizabeth Medina, Contributing Writer

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Hailing from Germany, Lili Bornemann is a Sophomore at CCC this year. She enjoys running cross country, loves to watch the Tampa Bay Lightning play hockey, and can speak German and English fluently—apart from knowing some French and some Spanish. What is arguably more interesting is that she knows how to jet ski. “I got my boating license two weeks ago,” said Bornemann. “My uncle bought two jet skis and I figured it’d be fun.” Clearly, she took the chance to soak up the Florida sun and enjoy Clearwater’s nice waters.

Clearwater native and Sophomore at Clearwater Central Catholic, Nabiha Najar, also enjoys the water. However, she enjoys the water inside rather than the water outside—she loves to sing in the shower. Like most anyone who enjoys this activity, she likes to sing her favorite songs in the hot water, while enjoying the good acoustics. “I mostly sing Christmas songs and show tunes,” says Najar. This selection is not surprising considering both the time of the year—by this point, very nearly December—and the fact that she is an actress and is part of the drama club at CCC. Upon being asked if she sings Christmas songs year-round, however, she replied, “Pretty much.”

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