Thanksgiving under the surface

Jana Ignacio

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Thanksgiving. It’s the iconic holiday that every kid looks forward to, not just because it signifies the first well-deserved break off from school, but also because it means that it’s finally the day where turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and all the other types of food with thousands of calories in them can be consumed with not one ounce of regret or disappointment.

But Thanksgiving is more than just a week off from school and an excuse to have a cheat day. It’s a special time when families can come together in thanks for all that they have been given in the world. Dinner tables and houses are filled to the brim, prayers are spoken, and goodness and gratefulness is in abundance in every home.

With Thanksgiving, of course, also comes the Thanksgiving traditions. There are the extravagant ones, such as “flying to Oklahoma to spend a week with all of my family there” said Sloane Vosen ’19, or “having all of my relatives from all parts of the country come down to spend the day with us” said Connor Richmond ’20. These are the traditions that require months of methodical planning and effort from all sides to make sure everything is done as perfect as it can be, to ensure that each Thanksgiving turns out amazing.

Then there are the least extravagant, but just as important traditions, like “the whole household waking up early in the morning to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and picking out our favorite floats” said Sophia Marro ’19 or “having Thanksgiving photoshoots with my sisters” said Kasey Singer ’21. These are the simple traditions, ones that don’t require much besides a happy and loving family, who are willing to sacrifice a couple hours of sleep, and a few hours spent doing the same pose over and over again to get the perfect shot.

Each household has its own unique and special way to celebrate Thanksgiving, but the one common theme that is constantly being expressed in each one, is the theme of togetherness. Whether it be 5 family members coming together or 25 family members, there is a sense of solidarity filled between the walls of every home. Smiles can be seen on the faces of brothers and sisters who haven’t seen each other in forever, and shouts can be heard from the kids playing the traditional football game in the backyard.

Thanksgiving is the type of holiday that on the surface just seems like another day where delicious platters of specially made meals can be eaten, and yes, there’s no lie in saying that. But underlying all that good food, are the traditions that allow for the good memories, and that is what truly makes this holiday one of the most meaningful ones out there.

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