Senior Stress

Andrea Medina, Editor-in-chief

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As many of the college application deadlines quickly approach, seniors can be found with under-eye circles and expressions filled with quite the opposite of smiles on their faces. Although the holiday season is upon them, they many are stressed about the multitude of tasks that they have to accomplish daily.
Even if college applications are done, seniors are still not done worrying about maintaining control of their time. “Having to struggle with extracurriculars, plus our EEs, IAs—which are all scheduled on top of each other—college applications, and scholarships. Then you have to worry about if you can even afford to go to college,” said senior Lauren Thompson. Truly, the journey filled with stress about getting into a university will not be over until students are accepted into one.
Some students, even though they too are always working, feel as if the burden is not so intense. “We have other things we can do with our time than stress about school; you’d be happier if you just let it go,” said senior Preston McDonald. Even though the potential stress could be debilitating, he says, it’s healthier to simply focus on the moment you are living in.
Other seniors seem to agree with this notion. “This too shall pass,” said senior Sophia Prieto. Even though many students will not get admission decisions until potentially early April, it seems the best way to get over the senior stress is to try to take life one day at a time; worrying is not going to do anything in your favor.
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