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Lent is a time we reflect on how our life is and how we can change it. It shows us how we can be better people for Christ. Reflecting also helps us to prepare mentally, physically, and emotionally to receive the body of Christ.

During Lent it is traditional to give up something that you like or normally do, like an activity. Another way to make lent present in people’s lives is doing something extra everyday. One thing that Clearwater Central Catholic High School is doing to inspire students to give something up and do something extra is “Cell Free Monday”.

The giving up part of Cell Free Monday is where students drop off their phones at the chapel in the morning when they get to school. The doing something extra part is when students go to reach for their phone during the day that they say an extra prayer. After the school day the students go back to the chapel to pick up their phone and they all say a prayer together before they leave. There are mixed feelings about the new initiative but Junior Brandon Carlotti is looking at the positive side. “I like it because I think it strengthens my spiritual life and my relationship with God”, said Carlotti.

Another Lenten initiative that the school is taking is The Pillars Project. The Pillars Project is made up of three elements: Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving. The prayer element is skipping lunch to go to the chapel and pray the stations of the cross. The fasting element is not eating lunch. Lastly the almsgiving element is taking the money you saved from not eating lunch and donating it either to Mission Thursday, Operation Rice Bowl, or a charity or organization of your choice.

Lastly, Operation Rice Bowl is another way students can get involved in the Lenten season. Operation Rice Bowl is a program offered through Catholic Relief Services. Each student is given a cardboard box that they can put money in or have their family put money in. At the end of lent students turn in the box and the money gets collected and buys food for poor kids and families in Africa.

All together there are many options for students to participate in the Lenten season. From doing personal things or participating in the school activities the opportunities to get involved are endless.

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