Two marauders take on modeling

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Two marauders take on modeling

Senior Kendall Singer prepares for her photoshoot.

Senior Kendall Singer prepares for her photoshoot.

Senior Kendall Singer prepares for her photoshoot.

Senior Kendall Singer prepares for her photoshoot.

Amanda Restaino, Editor

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For obvious reasons, senior Kendall Singer does not enjoy standing outside in the hot, sticky, and humid Florida heat for hours upon hours upon hours.

However, she does relish in the idea of having her 30 seconds of fame, if she is lucky, in front of the designer she wants to model for.

Singer loves the thought of seeing where modeling could take her in the future, for her career has already accelerated at such a quick pace in the past couple of months.

She takes pleasure in getting to share her experiences and pictures from her previous photoshoots with her friends. So they all gather around at the lunch table, in between classes, during homeroom, or wherever and whenever it may be, to hear all about it.

A little over a month ago, Singer’s modeling livelihood changed. Three words: Miami Swim Week.
– – –
Singer, seventeen, had been insecure about her tall height throughout middle school and even for some time in high school. She knew she shouldn’t waste time thinking or worrying about it, but she still felt awkward.

Then, she began modeling and her confidence emerged, like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon.
– – –
Recently, during Singer’s time in Miami, she went to a casting for Issa De’ Mar’s runway show for Swim Week. She found that a struggle was how the designers are constantly searching for a specific look to find unison in their models.

Nevertheless, while waiting outside in the Miami sun, she recognized that the beauty of each girl comes from her unique features, styles, etc. So, while she was worried, she was still confident in herself.
– – –
The time soon came.

It was her turn to walk in front of the designer.
Her nerves began to kick in. Butterflies began to violently fly around in her stomach; it was like they were trying to create a tornado inside of her.

The director yells, “You’re up! Go go go!”

She walks on the stage and struts to the end of the catwalk.

As she reaches the end, Singer gets a chance to look out into the lights and currently abandoned seats. It is then that she realizes modeling is something she would truly like to pursue. She now knows to embrace her height because it brought her to something she loves and makes her stunning in her own kind of way.

As she walks back the way she came, Singer cannot contain the vibrant smile on her elated face.

She approaches the stairs to get off the runway and whispers, “This is something I want to do.”
The senior class also has another model we should take a look into.

– – –

Isabella (Bella) Thompson, senior, models on a smaller scale for Shandy Style Boutique in St. Petersburg, Florida.

She, unlike Singer, does not look into modeling being a large part of her future. “Although I love and enjoy modeling in my free time now, I don’t really want to pursue it on a professional level. It becomes a different and more critical and stressful industry as you get to the higher tiers. I would prefer to keep it as a fun activity from time to time for the boutique,” said Thompson.

While her view on this career is not negative, there was a time when she recognized the prices to pay for modeling are not always fun.
– – –
Just a week ago, Thompson had a photoshoot for Shandy.

She was asked to stand in field of itchy, ant-infested grass for a wide variety of photos.

The entire time she felt the tiny red ants nipping and biting away at her skin.

She wanted to get out of the grass right away, but these shots were necessary, so she had to stay.
Her body began to turn red. Her bites began to swell; they felt like they had a heartbeat, for they were throbbing so much.

She knew she was having an allergic reaction.

Her foot, which had swelled up an excessive amount, affected her for the rest of the weekend, for she was not able to walk in it; the pain was far too unbearable.
– – –
Yes, this is not a story of a great time she had when modeling, but she has plenty of those to share and thought you should recognize there is always something good and something bad to everything, although she has all positive modeling stories, except for just this one.

However, this experience still was not all that bad. She got to joke around with her friends there, try out the new clothes at the boutique, and her pictures turned out amazing. So, even though a part was not pleasurable, it didn’t ruin the entire occasion.

Similarly to Singer this time, Thompson appreciates modeling because it has changed her life for the better.

“Modeling has taught me to not just step, but jump out of my comfort zone, and that is a hard thing for me to do,” Thompson said. She is so grateful for this opportunity that has given her a reformed and newfound confidence in herself.

So, now that you’ve heard part of their stories, do you want to keep yours the same or go out and do more?

Be inspired. Inspire others.

That’s what Kendall and Isabella did.

Now, it’s your turn.

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