Lush cosmetics are bubbling up everywhere

Emily Berg, Staff Writer

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Lush was created in 1994 by Mark Constantine producing and selling a variety of handmade products, including soaps, shower gels, shampoos and hair conditioners, bath bombs, bubble bars, face masks, and hand and body lotions for various skin types.

Lush produces handmade soaps, shampoos, shower gels, lotions, moisturizers, scrubs, masks and other cosmetics for the face, hair, and body using vegetarian recipes. Solid shampoos as well as “Toothy Tabs” which are solid toothpaste tablets are also available for purchase online and in a retail stores. Lush is also known for their “Bath Bombs” which are solid bars of sodium bicarbonate. When these bombs are exposed to water, they fizz and deliver various scents and effects to the user’s skin.

As of July 21, 2012, Lush began selling their “Emotional Brilliance” makeup collection that can be applied in multiple areas. “Emotional Brilliance” includes 13 liquid lipsticks, 11 liquid eyeliners, and six cream shadows. Lush also launched their first mascara, Eyes Right, under the “Emotional Brilliance” line.

Lush’s big innovation is naked cosmetics, which is products sold without packaging. When you go into a Lush store their soaps and scrubs are in bins, so people have to choose what they want.

The cosmetic shop is very involved with support groups and charities. They created The Charity Pot which is a type of hand and body lotion. When you buy this product all the money goes towards carefully selected charities that have to do with our environment, impoverished countries, animals, and human rights groups.

A big thing Lush is known for is their fight against animal testing. Fighting animal testing should be more of a slogan, but unfortunately it has become a big thing in the cosmetic business. Sophomore Ally Ivanov said, “I didn’t really know so many make up companies test so many of their products on animals. It is really a cruel thing.” Lush has been against animal testing for over 30 years and hopes to get more people on their side about this horrible action taking place.

Lush is a great place to shop whether you’re looking for a relaxing bath getaway or a gift for someone. Sophomore Amanda Restaino said, “I always love getting their bath bombs because after a long stressful day it’s nice to take a colorful bubbly bath.”

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