Kaylee Dris, Editor

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With prom season approaching soon, the anticipation is contagious. The girls are eagerly shopping for the perfect dress, while the boys are preparing for their big role: promposals. April 2 is less than 2 months away, so the planning is in complete action. It may seem as if the stress is only upon the girls waiting to be asked, but the boys are clearly expressing their anxiety.
Both junior and senior boys are experiencing different kinds of stress when it comes to promposals. For juniors, it is their first time, and they want to do it right. For seniors, the pressure is on to top what they did last year, especially if they’re asking the same person. “I surprised my date at her cheer practice last year when she wasn’t expecting it. I hope I can think of something that will surprise her again” Senior Michael Solis said. It can be difficult to come up with a creative idea, especially when so many ways have already been done. Junior Matt Schmeiser is nervous because he is known for being quite exuberant. “I have a reputation to maintain, so whatever I end up doing needs to meet the expectations” Matt Schmeiser said. Although most girls are thrilled no matter what their promposal is, the boys can not help but feel frazzled by the unspoken expectations.
Along with the planning, there is a lot of talk among the girls about when promposals will begin, and how everyone will be asked. The excitement is inevitable, but this comes along with the apprehension. Some are worried they won’t get asked, and others are just eager to find out when their day will be. There can be a lot of pressure to have “the best night of their life”, and the promposal is only part of the process. “Even though I already know who I’m going with, I have no idea when he’s going to ask me. I have my dress and everything, but waiting on the promposal causes a lot of anxiety” Senior Olivia Urban said. Some become more stressed than others around prom time, but I think most girls can admit they feel some sort of pressure when it comes to being asked.
Promposals can be impelling, nerve wracking, and even humorous. This time of the school year is full of excitement, and promposals brighten everyone’s days. Both boys and girls feel the overwhelming pressure, whether it is because of having to plan an elaborate idea or having to wait to be asked. Although this is true, it can be agreed that when the stressful parts are all over, promposals are one of the best parts of the year.

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