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Greatest Museum on Earth

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Greatest Museum on Earth

Paintings at the museum show the art and history side of things.

Paintings at the museum show the art and history side of things.

Paintings at the museum show the art and history side of things.

Paintings at the museum show the art and history side of things.

Martin Kelly, Staff Writer

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Welcome to the most extravagant, the most amazing, the most daring, the most exciting…Museum on earth?
The Ringling Museum in Sarasota is one of Florida’s greatest attractions. One can dive into the life of John and Mable Ringling, by walking around their extravagant property. You can experience the many great works of art that Mr. Ringling collected and the circus museum that puts you back into your childhood.
The combination of silly antics and sophisticated masterpieces creates almost an overwhelming variety of activities. The hardest part of the day is choosing what you want to do first. You can go on a tour of their nineteen twenties era mansion and see the luxuries of the day, or take a trip through the late 19th and 20th centuries in circus entertainment. “ I always found the circus to be intriguing and I cant wait to go again,” said senior Timothy Warner.
The property has been there since nineteen twenty seven and was taken over by Florida State University in two thousand. The mansion or Ca d’Zan which means house of John was only inhabited for five months at a time. The illustrious mansion was the Ringling’s winter home. “I always wanted to go to the Ringling Brothers Museum, I’ve heard it is a good time,” said senior Richard Kallay.

The entry fee for students is 5 dollars and for adults it is 20 dollars. There are many different tours that you can add to your day featuring the mansion and the many galleries of 16 to 20th century art in which Mr Ringling was most proud of. The tours run every thirty minutes of every day. There are 66 acres of landscape that Mrs. Ringling cared for during her stays, that still exist and flourish today.
The property is a magnificent way to spend the day with no possibility of boredom. The recent additions include an interactive section in the circus museum. There are many Banyan trees and a large rose garden to make your acquaintance. There are restaurants on site and tons of things to do.
Throw on your walking shoes and take a stroll through a historic place. One that has made Florida an even more remarkable place.

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Greatest Museum on Earth