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Limitless exceeds expectations

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Abbie Milne, Section Editor

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   If you were granted the power—the power to do anything, to achieve anything, to be anything—would you take it?

   Directed by Neil Burger, Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper, The Hangover) accepts this offer as he watches his wretched career as a writer skyrocket, becoming an invincible individual as he conquers the entity of New York.

   One pill.  One single pill, that’s all it takes.  As Morra sulks around in the streets while grim, dull lighting depicts his all-time low, he’s welcomed by an old friend and ex-brother-in-law, Vernon (Johnny Whitworth, 3:10 to Yuma).

   But this family gathering isn’t a typical reunion.  Upon this encounter, Vernon presents Morra with this ultimate opportunity- to access his entire brain.

   After swallowing the pill, NZT, suddenly Morra is “clear.”  The luminous lighting instantly illuminates his paradigm, enhancing every sound, visual and knowledge, as the score heightens.  But with great power comes great consequence, and Morra’s desirable power is of the utmost importance to inferior individuals.

   Limitless resides in DVD and Blu-ray format, and can be purchased at numerous stores.  After one viewing of this thrilling film, it’ll surpass any expectation hindered by the brain.

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Limitless exceeds expectations