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Facebook makes a good movie, too

Stephanie Cruz, Managing Editor

January 27, 2011

Filed under Entertainment

According to a recent study, one in every 14 people has a Facebook page.  This statistic is baffling, when truly considered, and it’s no wonder that the average teenager can spend around 30 hours a week on the Internet. Tha...

The Book Thief puts unique twist on old genre

Michael Purcell, Online Editor

January 21, 2011

Filed under Entertainment

   In an age of rapidly growing technology, Facebook’s dominance and an endless supply of television channels seem to have redefined entertainment. Books no longer contain the same amount of gusto or capture the attenti...

Movie blends holidays, scares children

Sarah Milne, News/Opinion Editor

December 3, 2010

Filed under Entertainment

   Straying from the feel-good, heartwarming plots of typical Christmas movies, Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas brings viewers to dark, disturbing Halloween Town as its inhabitants try to make their own Christm...

Wizarding World of Harry Potter brings to life lucrative series through rides, atmosphere, food

Jen Davis, Entertainment Editor

December 3, 2010

Filed under Entertainment

   Ever dreamed of being in a place where candy comes to life, owls are acceptable household pets and magic is real?  Well, there really isn’t anywhere like that, but one place comes pretty close: The Wizarding World of Harry...

The Hunger Games provides exciting, interesting read

Alex Grunbeck, Business Editor

October 17, 2010

Filed under Entertainment

   Imagine a world where no one can speak or act for himself, a world where deviating from the norm means certain death.  Imagine a world that punishes creativity and utterly destroys all that stands in its path.  Imagine...

Kid’s shows experience dramatic shift in content

Jenifer Davis, Entertainment Editor

October 17, 2010

Filed under Entertainment

   Saturday mornings kids all over America gather around their television sets to watch cartoons.  Sometimes, these children are accompanied by their teenage siblings, who are searching for a bit of nostalgia by nestling themselves...

Alumnus, former student create new, progressive band

Matthew Livingston, Sports Editor

October 17, 2010

Filed under Entertainment

   From ensemble class at CCC to committed musicians, Eric Maroney and Gerard Sison have remained great friends. They started out with casual jam sessions and later teamed up to play with other fellow students in Oh, Clemency....

The Last Exorcism is scary good entertainment

Andy Maher, Photo Editor

September 7, 2010

Filed under Entertainment

   In today’s “go green” society, almost everything is recycled--but that doesn’t mean our movies should be.   Part The Exorcist and part The Blair Witch Project, The Last Exorcism is nothing horror aficionados haven...

Junior gains local, state-wide acclaim for singing, acting

Michael Purcell, Assistant Editor

August 3, 2010

Filed under Entertainment

 “I guess it’s hard to say what my favorite part of performing is because it’s not as effortless as it looks. It’s an adrenaline rush of ‘Oh my God, what if I forget the words, what if I fall, what if my dress is unzipped...