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Varsity girls soccer team claims title of district champs

Stephanie Cruz

Stephanie Cruz, Section Editor
January 24, 2012

   Central’s Lady Marauders are charging down the path towards victory as they gear up for their first regional soccer game today at 7:00 p.m.

   The girls are confident as they move into their first round match due to their remarkable shut-out win against rival St. Petersburg Catholic High School last week in the district finals.  With a final score of 4-0, they gladly accepted the first place trophy, something that the team hasn’t done in a long while.

   “It feels really amazing to be district champs, and it feels even better since we beat such a huge rival of ours, especially because of last year’s devastating loss [against them]. We’ve been preparing for this all year, and I think we’ll continue to play with the same confidence and enthusiasm that we’ve had all season,” senior Alex Alberdi said.

   Alberdi attributes their high performance this year to a sincere team unity that is undoubtedly displayed on and off the field.

   The Marauders (both boys’ and girls’ teams) will have the home-field advantage throughout the regional tournament this year, giving the entire student body the opportunity to easily come out and support their fellow classmates.

   The boys begin their district tournament, also to be played entirely at CCC, on Wednesday at 7:00 p.m., facing off against SPC in their first match.

   “I think this is going to be our year,” Alberdi said.

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