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Student parking lot: expect the unexpected

Senior Mia Said getting frustrated with watching students drive in the parking lot while studying.

Senior Mia Said getting frustrated with watching students drive in the parking lot while studying.

Isabella Dohse

Isabella Dohse

Senior Mia Said getting frustrated with watching students drive in the parking lot while studying.

Isabella Dohse, Editor

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“Most spontaneous place on campus? I would definitely agree with that.”

Theology teacher Christina Beu has been in charge of supervising the student parking lot each Wednesday afternoon. “Some kids speed through the lot” she tells, “it can get dangerous. Also, other kids have horns loud enough to shake me out of my skin, but it’s not all bad,” Beu adds.

See, the parking lot is the place on campus with the greatest amount of students and the least amount of teachers- add cars to that combination and you can see where the liveliness and spontaneity stem from. Keep in mind also, students swarm the parking lot before and after school hours. A bit of chaos is to be expected.

“I know that the train horn I got put into my car is loud, but I only use it when I have to,” says senior and proud truck driver James Terzigni. Senior Meaghan Norus, who conveniently parks directly across from Terzigni, said, “I would say that the extra loud horns are a bit obnoxious”. This is what makes the lot even more entertaining- conflict.

Students’ hectic lives are clearly depicted through all of the activities going on in the lot. In the morning there are plenty of students anxiously studying for tests, getting their last few minutes of sleep in before the school day, accelerating through the speed bumps to avoid a tardy. In the afternoon one can find students changing for practice, blasting music, rushing to get an after school snack.

Finally thinking of the positive aspects that she sees of the parking lot, Beu comments, “it’s nice to see the baseball team hanging out and playing around before practice, and to hear friends saying good bye to each other after a long school day, or planning to meet up for a snack.” The parking lot isn’t always full of activity, “Pretty often I pull into school very early for student council meetings, it’s almost weird how empty and silent the lot is,” said junior Michelle Dudenhoefer.

Of all places on campus, students have the most freedom in the student parking lot. For outsiders looking in, the variety of situations is undoubtedly entertaining. To the upperclassmen driving to school each day- keep safe, drive slow, and look out for freshmen.

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Student parking lot: expect the unexpected